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When it comes to technology, Ridley bikes follow a simple and straightforward philosophy: Build the best riding bikes. Ridley talks to a wide segment of professional cyclists and amateur enthusiasts alike to determine what the best riding bike is for them, and then they push their engineers to take these words and translate them into working prototypes that embody the desires of these bikers. Comprehensive testing and analysis is at the heart of the process; each prototype is subjected to a battery of stress tests, the results are analyzed, and the designs that don't make the cut are culled. It's a form of "survival of the fittest" that ensures that every Ridley bike that comes off the factory floor is the best of the best.

Ridley Bikes was started in Belgium in 1997 by Jochim Aerts, a talented frame builder who had cultivated excellent relationships with local racing clubs and an uncanny eye toward racing technologies. In a few years Ridley became the market leader for racing bikes in Belgium and today are sold all over the world. Every shape and form found on each Ridley bike is there for a reason. Ridley's designs are often inspired by designs found in nature. This strategy to mimic nature has resulted in a wide range of top performing bicycles.

The road racers are Ridley's most extensive line of bikes. The Noah model is at the top of this line, and consists of a number of variations. The Noah FB features the F-Brake, Ridley's innovative integrated braking system that reduces turbulence and drag by 4 percent. The Noah FB incorporates all the FAST concept technologies that combine to provide a total 2.8 kilometers per hour speed advantage for sprints, and that require up to 20 Watts less power to reach speeds of up to 40 kph. There is absolutely no question that the Noah FB is all about speed. Other Noah models include the 1101B, 1204A, 1120A, and the RS varieties.

The Phaeton R is another racer that offers unparalleled aerodynamic performance. Its aero carbon seat post and hydro formed aero seat tube combine with Ridley's proven F-Surface technology, internally routed cabling, and ultra light carbon fiber frame to push the limits of aerodynamic efficiency. But Ridley's lightest bikes are its Helium models. The Helium 1204A, 1205A and 1207A are as light as a feather, and yet provide stiffness and all-day riding comfort. The Excalibur models also provide the advantages of light weight, performance and comfort, but are less pricey compared to the Helium variants.

The Icarus SLS is lightweight and strong, with an oversized down tube that improves stability and all-around handling. The Damocles is a tried-and-tested racing frame that has won a countless number of races. The Damocles ISP builds on this foundation with even better handling and power transfer. Its oversized head and down tubes lets it dish out superior sprinting performance. The Orion 1204A, 1204B and 1204C integrate features that offer increased power transfer, maximum stiffness to weight ratio, fast acceleration, precise handling and comfort. This model offers unbeatable value for the money. The Orion is built using tube shapes similar to that of the Damocles. Its compact aluminum frame makes it extremely responsive.

Other Ridley bikes include women's models, triathlon machines, cyclocross racers, multi terrain bikes and fitness models.